3 reasons to Switch to EVs

I’m an electric vehicle (EV) enthusiast because I believe they can contribute a lot  to the development of sustainable models of transportation.  I’ll be posting about developments of the EV industry from the policy perspective, with a special focus on but not limited to the European market.

This first posting is aimed at starting a healthy discussion by presenting the following arguments to shift from  internal-combustion-engine cars to an EVs:

1. To reduce CO2 emissions related to transport, as a core mitigation strategy against climate change.

2. To alleviate the economic impact that rising prices of oil have in net importer countries.

3. To profit from the ability of EVs (with their associated energy storage technologies) to compensate for the intermittency of renewable energies by charging their batteries at times when energy demand is low (e.g. during night-time) and feeding the energy back to the grid when demand is high (V2G technology).

Of course EVs still have to face a lot of obstacles in order to deliver all their benefits: limited autonomy; insufficient charging infrastructure; and incipient vehicle offer.  Nevertheless, cooperation between governments, utilities and car manufacturers can help to overcome these obstacles and to maximize the benefits of electric vehicles.

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